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Pool demolition, Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors

Pool demolition is one of the most laborious exterior projects you can have. With all the tubes, features, fixtures, and elements to consider, you want to make sure you’re doing things right. Therefore, don’t try to get it done with a hammer and some equipment. It won’t be enough, and you can bring more issues your way than having the solution all handled. At Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors, our team will happily work with you and make sure you don’t have to worry about any elements and details for your space. We will carefully inspect the pool’s condition, plan the demolition, and get it done right after.

The way you want to approach all the demolition matters since you can opt for multiple ways to get it done: total, partial, or with some selections. Therefore, when you are having our contractors come over, let us know what are your thoughts and plans for it. Otherwise, we won’t be able to give you all the support you require to get the project done.

But before that, why do you want to remove the pool? In many cases, the answer to this question won’t matter much because what you will want is to get the space to be a specific way. However, when there are some considerations, such as working on a new design or removing it all for safety reasons or damage, we need to consider the best way to approach this.

Depending on your answer and what we see, we will be able to offer proper assistance in what needs to be done and how. Then work with you in planning what would be the best type of demolition, which includes more than total or partial demolition. It can also be about the method used, which doesn’t vary much.

Is There a Difference with Above or In-Ground Pool Demolition?

Quite a lot. Above-ground pools are easier to demolish because despite having fixtures and connections, the main structure is, well, above ground.

This gives us more space to work with the right equipment and machinery so that you can have the perfect process done.

We still need to turn the power off and deal with all utilities and amenities, but the process for demolition itself will show a clear difference in how the construction and all its parts can be removed.

In-ground constructions are always more difficult due to their foundations. They not only require extra excavation but also come with more difficulties while providing it. Not doing things right or considering all variables could make your ground cave in. In other words, we could be doing more damage than good while removing the pool.

With this in mind, the options in choosing a partial or total pool demolition will depend a lot on the pool’s condition and your plan for the space. We highly recommend partial demolition when you are facing this situation:

  • You want to keep the foundation or certain parts of the pool for the next project. Maybe you have another reason or purpose for the design and elements.
  • Partial demolitions are cheaper and more affordable in case you don’t have specific considerations around the structure.
  • You want to maintain the land in a specific condition and take advantage of the structure.

Most people choosing the partial options are more inclined to it due to costs. However, total demolition tends to be more doable:

  • You get more land stability for new constructions.
  • Your property’s value doesn’t decline when deciding to sell.
  • It is possible to use the space for more projects.

How Much Will Your Pool Demolition Cost?

The size, project, and type of demolition are the main aspects to influence the price, which is why it is difficult establishing an average on the project. Some above-ground pools will start at $1.200 and go all the way up to $6.500, depending on the difficulty.

However, above-ground pools are the easy part of this industry. Inground pools will be way more expensive, regardless of the design and size in place. You will notice that their prices for removal can go from $5.000 to $12.000 easily.

At Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors, we want to make sure that your pool doesn’t have any major issues. We will work with you on every element and design and work on the demolition within a fair budget.

Feel free to come to us for a free inspection and estimate to get your pool demolition done.

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