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Fire Demolition, Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors

If you are here because your home or property got fire damaged and now you need to get rid of some parts or all of it, we are truly sorry. Being forced to demolish is never fun nor wanted, but the best you can do is make sure that all fire demolition, in this case, is handled carefully to prevent future issues. At Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors, our professionals work hard to make this process seamless and without all the worries and hassle that come with it. What we care about the most while providing support around it is the fact that safety is above all.

The most common problem with structures or properties that are fire damaged is how easily they can fall apart. While this may be a good thing for some people since “they don’t have to handle the demolition,” this comes with some issues:

  • You don’t get the chance to remove all hazardous materials, which could cause more accidents and issues.
  • Not knowing the structure and situation or conditions properly will not allow for the right planning. The core of demolition is being able to plan and design the process accordingly.
  • Putting yourself and everyone in danger of how unstable the structure is.

Our company truly cares about all aspects, and we will proceed carefully to make sure nothing is missing while we work on this. And before you ask, we do work with insurance and mortgages. We know that fire demolition can come with lots of aspects and considerations.

Therefore, take the time to address every step with us and how we must handle it. We will happily work with you step by step and ensure all details are clear even before the demolition itself begins.

How Do You Proceed with Fire Demolition?

This strongly and highly depends on the property or structure’s condition. When you have a completely damaged space, what’s the point of keeping a few inches?

You will be facing lots of damage to the point of no return in those cases, meaning that total demolition is the most efficient option.

However, you still have alternatives when certain situations take place:

  • You need to remove a tiny space or area in your property. This may be a room, some features, or external or interior elements. When this happens, a selective demolition can be performed so the rest of the structure remains intact.
  • When the space is affected mostly by exterior parts and areas, it is an option to handle an exterior demolition that will take entire walls or roofs off. In this case, you can keep some interior elements and even most of the structure in a more integral aspect.
  • Partial demolition is the last one and can focus on a mix of the previous two, but never going to the total demolition for your property.

This can only be determined when you work around proper inspection and assessment and a plan is established for the demolition. Once the assessment is done, we deliver an estimate so that you can handle it with your insurance, mortgage, or finance it yourself, depending on the case.

We will handle all permits, authorizations, and legal steps to speed up the process and make sure you can have the whole process done carefully.

At this point, and when structures are small, traditional demolition is the method to go for wrecking balls, bulldozers, hammers, and more. Explosives are a bit over the top in those situations.

Feel free to inquire about it and have our entire team work with you step by step.

How Much Does Fire Demolition Cost?

It will depend on the structure, difficulty, and how large the building is.

Most houses cost about $500 to $2.000, which may look like a wide average, but even other people go up to the $10.000 estimate for this. Of course, the whole demolition includes debris removal and disposal and handling every step of the process.

However, commercial structures that were fire-damaged will be more expensive. The price often starts at $20.000 and goes up to $45.000+.

At Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors, we highly recommend working with us on custom and tailored services so that you can get an estimate according to the situation. In case you have a mortgage or estimate to follow, feel free to let us know.

We can put some aspects into perspective and make sure you are comfortable and relaxed with costs, processes, and steps throughout the fire demolition.

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There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.