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Flooring removal, Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors

While we would love to say that flooring removal is easy… it is not. First, the removal process highly depends on the type of flooring you have. You have hardwood floors, laminated floors, tiles floors, and many others. Second, you will need to think about the full approach. How do you want to handle the removal, and do you plan to remove it all? Third, it can be dangerous to handle flooring removal without proper equipment, so tools and the elements you are using for the process truly matter. Finally, you don’t want to damage the remaining foundation and bare floor you have.

Our Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors team can help you with all your endeavors and make sure you get your property handled and taken care of. We can help with flooring removal in houses, apartments, commercial properties, and any specific rooms. As long as you contact us and introduce us to the situation, we will happily work on a proper plan and process for the removal.

We want you to know that this flooring project doesn’t have to be a nightmare. While it feels like you will have a lot of work to do depending on the type of floor you have, you can also have certain control around it. Unlike walls or even roofs, it is easy to work with partial removal or split the process into parts.

Before we are able to help you as well, we always need to perform proper inspections and assessments around your floor. Not only to determine the type but also its condition. The reason why you are removing may also influence the process. While we always work to leave a good and smooth foundation once done, you may have certain plans for a new floor that may require another approach.

When Should You Go for Flooring Removal?

In most cases, people decide to remove floors due to their damage and condition.

So, this ends up being more about the situation you are in and how you want to work around the removal.

You don’t always have to remove all the flooring in case it is damaged. Some minor or specific replacements will be enough for some people, but the project and process are mostly up to you.

Another condition in which you would want to work on it is whether the floor has mold or mildew, which happens with hardwood flooring in most cases. Tile flooring faces more cracks and specific wear and tear that could become hazards in the long run. The laminated floor goes more for the wear and tear and some exposed elements that could lead to tripping or hazards.

The floor’s condition is what matters overall. We want to make sure you don’t have to worry about those elements, so this is when removal may take place most of the time.

Other situations are more of your choice. You may want to change your flooring, incur some renovations and remodeling, or maybe you have structural issues and want to go for a full charge.

Our team is here to support you regardless of the situation, and we will work hard to provide you with a result that goes well with the type of idea and project you have next.

Flooring removal needs to be worked around how you will install new elements and another type of floor. For instance, you may be going from tiles and ceramic to hardwood. Maybe you want some new planks and laminated floors.

We put all factors into consideration to plan and deliver the best services for your home, business, or any space and property.

How Much Does Flooring Removal Cost?

Again, the type of floor matters. Additionally, the square footage covered, the difficulty and considerations, and even your budget will influence the final price.

On average, people spend about $500 to $700 removing floors. This usually includes a usual 300 to 350 square feet project with laminated flooring or some hardwood. Tiles and similar materials will require more work, which can make the whole price go up.

At Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors, we work hard to consider all expenses and do our best to get your project done within a budget as much as possible. In case you want to have a good idea of the costs and investment, you can schedule an inspection and estimate with us.

We will happily work with you and make sure all expenses are listed. Meanwhile, we promise to deliver the best service and support through it all.

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