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Commercial Demolition, Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors

How do you know if your project can be included in commercial demolition? Besides the obvious situations in which you have a business, specific construction such as supermarkets, stores, and even office buildings, others are in a gray area. This is why some considerations and guidance on what to consider in this category must be put into perspective. Our Palm Beach County Drainage Contractors team will work with you closely and help you understand whether your need or project can enter this category. Additionally, we can offer an estimate and work with you on immediate design and planning as needed.

Let’s answer the question with some additional places you will find on the list. Besides the mention of stores, supermarkets, and some buildings, you will notice that all commercial properties are included. But what is commercial property at this point? Simple. Any place that works or operates for services or work purposes can fall here.

Residential properties where people meet or the simple idea of working from home don’t apply here. People live in those places, and most commercial sites are meant for services, sales, or projects. This is why there is a separation in the whole process; commercial demolition usually entails more work than residential ones.

Therefore, whether you are getting rid of small offices or stores or going for large-scale demolitions such as shopping centers, hotels, and more, we will be here to help with the process. Starting with how you need your own permit to remove the structure and ensure you have services at your disposal.

We can work around it as long as the structure is unwanted and part of the category. Our team can also work with you in determining it and ensuring you get the desired result.

Does Commercial Demolition Have to Be the Full Property?

Not really. Regardless of the specific property demolition you are facing, mostly residential or commercial, you can opt for different types and options.

The usual one does involve full removal and getting the whole property demolished. This comes with lots of work as different parts of the building or structure must be removed step by step.

There is a misconception about demolition in which people think the process is about getting rid of the entire property at once. However, you need to consider how you are moving items, getting rid of some walls and features, and then working on the massive structure or “shell” itself.

In many cases, you may not even need what is known as total demolition. The frequent option is going for a partial one or an interior demolition in which you keep parts of the structure. Considering most buildings can serve multiple purposes as businesses, and it is more affordable this way, people choose to keep some essentials.

Compared to total demolition, you get to remove some walls, adapt the space to your needs, and remove massive parts. However, nothing will directly influence the space itself and the whole picture of the structure and design.

The interior demolition, when compared to the partial one, is more about counters, closets, and having some specific spaces adapted. You get to work around a better interior design while keeping the essence of the structure. For the partial demolition, you may opt to get rid of entire rooms while still keeping the main parts.

In case of needing more insight into this, feel free to inquire with our team. We will guide you in what you need and which commercial demolition type fits your needs the most.

How Our Professionals Handle Commercial Demolition

In terms of steps, things can be a bit simpler than they seem:

  • We need to inspect, assess and supervise the location and property based on the type of demolition requested.
  • Our team gives you the estimate or basic plan, and when confirmed, we proceed with acquiring the necessary permits.
  • Once approved, we clear out all the property and work on keeping hazardous elements and items away. Some that need to be stored go to the right places, and the rest of the disposal and removal are carefully done.
  • Put all safety precautions and elements to guarantee our team and everyone’s else safety in the process.
  • We start the demolition with the chosen method: wrecking, explosive, and more.
  • Remove all the debris from the location and space.

At Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors, we keep our word on how we get rid of all the elements during demolition, leaving the place as clean as possible for a new structure or project.

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