Explosive Demolition Implosion, Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors

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Explosive Demolition Implosion, Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors

Using explosives to get rid of structures and buildings has been a common practice for the past decade. However, not everyone knows how to do it right, which can become more of an issue than a benefit during your project. This is why you should consider explosive demolition & implosion, but only if you know a company that can do it right by following all measures and steps. Our Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors team has been working with explosives for over 15 years. We are one of the few companies in the state that, besides using them for buildings, we implement them for comfort and whenever they seem doable.

While explosives and relying on them may look and feel more expensive, they can save time and resources. Planning is always needed in demolition, so this isn’t any different when you opt for the method. Moreover, they can simplify certain projects that are underwater or need to trigger landslides in certain locations.

You have more opportunities and options when working around them. However, going back to the places that do not always need it or the explosive or implosive options that aren’t viable for the structure must be considered carefully.

Many contractors seem to offer it for every structure: offices, houses, buildings, small parks, and just… anything. We mean it.

Our company has been in for over 30 years in the industry, and while we didn’t start with explosives, we integrated them and made sure to properly control and be experts in what we do before doing so. What we have seen quite often is how people tend to use them without discrimination. This leads to more damage, inefficient methods, and, more importantly, putting you and everyone else at risk throughout the process.

How Does Explosive Demolition & Implosion Take Place?

Now, exploding your place doesn’t mean it will leave particles everywhere.

This is a common misunderstanding among people, but when the project is planned and done right, everything should fall in a specific direction.

It is important to make clear that you can have your building structures demolished with two methods in mind: making sure it falls in a specific direction, which is known as falling like a tree or opting for how it will fall in its own place.

The latter is one of the common options nowadays and what people like doing, but this requires a lot more work, resources, and time. As a result, it isn’t viable for people with limited options, and whenever you do have the space to let it fall to one side, it isn’t a bad alternative. It can still help you control debris and how you deal with and inspect the space once the structure is all removed.

All explosive demolition projects are handled as implosions, including the falling one. Since you are not trying to make particles and pieces disperse or not be careful with them, you want to keep things within a limit.

In terms of how this will be made possible, a lot of planning is required.

Inspecting and assessing the structure will be needed. This includes the main parts of the structure that keep it together and all accessible spaces. After all, hazards must be removed before any explosion and regardless of the type of demolition used.

Once the assessment is done, we consider the most suitable method, if there is space on the left side most of the time or if we need it to fall in place. All permits, planning, mortgage, equipment, and so on are handled before explosives are placed, detonated, and finally, work on debris removal and disposal.

When Is It a Good Option to Rely on Explosive Demolition & Implosion?

When you are on a tight schedule, you need to work around several structures and buildings, want to reduce noise and dust, and have to make sure everyone is safe.

Explosions and implosions can be controlled, which is something that traditional demolition doesn’t always offer. In many cases, you will face difficulties around debris going everywhere, wrecking balls being too messy or having to deal with all waste to a new level.

Our team at Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors takes the time to consider every element and aspect. We don’t want to worry you about how dangerous this can be, and while planning will still take some time, large structures will be gone in a few weeks instead of months.

Some light or small projects can be handled like this, but it isn’t always recommended.

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