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Civil Demolition, Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors

When you think about demolition, you probably consider all the work that goes into getting rid of an entire structure and how you will leave nothing behind once done. However, demolitions can be of many types: partial in order to get rid of certain areas, total to get everything removed, or maybe interior and exterior to remove specific parts yet keep the essentials of the structure. Now, when you approach a different term and area, such as civil demolition, it does include destroying most of a building structure, if not all of it. After all, these demolitions are with the purpose of reusing the space for a new project.

At Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors, we work hard to provide all support around civil demolition and how we can help you dismantle every element while getting rid of every piece of structure. This service may be confusing for some people as it doesn’t specify what you should do in the whole process or what property you are removing.

In essence, the service can cover multiple buildings and structures depending on the company you have hired for it. When it comes to ours, we like working on building demolition from this perspective. The type of building is what may vary a bit from the rest, but there aren’t any specific parameters or requirements to meet throughout the process.

You can have your building demolished in case it is an old office building, an antique structure, or simply a structure you don’t want anymore. You ought to consider all aspects and options when working on the project itself.

Civil demolition is, 99% of the time, about massive or large-scale structures. As a result, we need to have more control over how it is done and the method used to achieve it.

What Are Our Civil Demolition Methods Available?

As a company with over 30 years of experience in the industry, our team works with all types of methods, from explosive ones to more traditional options such as wrecking walls or bulldozers and hammers.

What is important here is providing proper inspection and assessment so that we can decide what method would be better fitted for the process. In case we identify more than two, we will come up with proposals you can choose from based on the following aspects:

  • Your budget or mortgage for the project.
  • Do you have any preferences in the method and how the demolition is handled?
  • Work with you around a level of comfort and what would take less work.
  • What is safer for the situation and civil demolition.
  • Think about post-services: removal, disposal, and more.

In case you want to know about our methods before tackling civil demolition, even during inquiries about the service, you can consider these the main ones:

  1. Non-explosive methods include everything that is wrecking balls, excavators, sledgehammers, and bulldozes. Hammers and manual work are what characterize these methods the most. Now, not all of them need to be used at once, and considerations will be made accordingly.
  2. Implosive options are all about using explosives to destroy key parts of the structure and make it collapse in its place. This avoids all the hassle of going step by step and having to worry about other elements. However, not every project and civil demolition is a good fit for this option.

Regardless of the type or method, all of them include our team’s debris removal support. Hence, don’t consider this a problem when trying to choose with us.

How Do We Handle Your Civil Demolition?

You will get tired of hearing it, but we always have to perform a proper inspection. Planning and design are the fundamentals of demolition; it doesn’t matter what type and for what or whom it is for.

Improper inspection can lead to damage and danger in the process. This is why we must survey the building or specific structure, take care of any hazards by removing them and proper disposal or storage, then prepare the whole plan.

In every case, we will take our time to have safety measures placed so that all precautions are considered. We will do our best to work around you and how we can make the process carefully.

At Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors, we do our best to get it done quickly without sacrificing quality, safety, and cleaning the area. Feel free to call or email us for a free request about your civil demolition and how we can make it work.

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