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Garage demolition, Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors

New homeowners or people who just got a new property tend to have one thing in common: an old or unwanted garage that needs some remodeling or renovations. While this isn’t with every property, it happens more often than it should, if you ask us. As a result, people need to tackle the whole garage demolition process and consider what they will do. This can be completely demolishing the space and building a brand-new one or something else, partially demolishing it, or dealing with some specific elements. Regardless of the option, hiring demolition contractors is what you should aim for here to guarantee your own safety and ensure you get the demolition done perfectly.

At Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors, we have been helping all property owners with their garage demolitions for over three decades. As a company with lots of records and ideas to bring to the table, we can promise you that working with us will be perfect for such a project, even when this garage is new or isn’t damaged or in a new property.

We want to make it clear that we can help with any garage demolition. We don’t have requirements or limits around it being in a specific place within some limits in the property. You can easily work with us step by step and have all elements handled without worrying about safety and how well the demolition will be done.

Our company will accompany you in the initial stages, which are the most important ones. After all, what takes the longest and will be key in guaranteeing any demolition is the planning and design phases.

We want to work around a project that is clearly planned and won’t come with multiple issues. Instead, it should be perfectly visualized for safety and comfort.

How Do You Demolish A Garage in Florida?

With lots of consideration, work, and time.

All demolitions in the state require permits and authorization from locals and specific departments. This applies regardless of the specific demolition you are performing:

  • Total demolition: getting rid of the entire structure.
  • Partial demolition: removing specific parts of it.
  • Interior demolition: taking care of some parts of the interior, like walls, counters, etc.

We will guide you in what would be the best approach depending on your needs, goals, and budget. However, this needs to be decided before the initial steps of the demolition itself.

Therefore, when having us come over for the inspection and estimate, allow our team to know about the plan at hand. This will help you get an accurate estimate and use it for mortgage or financing options.

While at it, the same document will be used to get all permits from the local building department and pertinent entities in the area. Rest assured, we can handle this permit process, but we must have most of the work planned for proper approval.

Once you have all permits, we proceed with the safety precautions: remove gas, turn off water and electricity, and make sure hazardous items and materials are removed.

Items you want to be stored or moved to new places will be taken out as well and handled accordingly.

We will start with the roof and the basics of the place. However, this highly depends on the type of demolition, which can be a deconstruction, manual demolition, or machinery. Feel free to select this as well, as we bring the options at the moment.

All the removal and demolition are done. Once completed, we will take care of removing debris and disposing of it properly with waste and recycling facilities.

Is It Worth to Choose Garage Demolition?

You are pretty much the only one who knows this. You need to determine whether you need to get rid of the space or some parts of it. If so, we help you get it done.

Now, if you want our professional advice and opinion about it in case other options are doable, we are always open to the request. We want to make sure this is the best option, and if demolition is needed, then what type would be the best for you?

There is no such thing as total demolition only, and we want to make this clear. In other words, you can get the project done with us even when it is about removing a few parts.

Our Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors are ready to support you and make sure you can answer the main question. If it is a yes, we get it done n no time.

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There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.