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Mobile home demolition, Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors

Regardless of the structure and place you plan to demolish, you must realize that things are never easy. This is why companies and even public departments will always recommend you perform the whole process with professionals. For mobile home demolition, this may not look or feel too needed. However, it takes proper planning, permits, and the right equipment so you can get the place all deconstructed or properly removed with the right method. At Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors, our company and professionals are always available to help you get the home removed.

We know this can be quite a difficult process as you have to work around a budget, specific needs, and the way the whole demolition should be done. This is why we highly recommend taking all the time you can around planning.

Most people think that companies or contractors will take a lot of time handling demolition due to the process or action itself. However, it takes a lot more planning to do it. Then consider the safety precautions and prepare the location so that all details are carefully handled.

This is why you shouldn’t underestimate how hard it can be to plan and design, especially when certain requirements and considerations need to be put into perspective. Our team does its best to provide you with support and comfort. But it takes contribution on your end so that we can get all the details done properly.

That being said, should you be removing your mobile home? This is more of a ‘you’ thing since you will be reaching out with the idea of the project at hand. However, if you are looking for advice, we will need to inspect the space and place before giving our insight into it.

Does It Take a Lot of Time to Get Mobile Home Demolition Done?

Not really. Among all the demolition projects we can perform for you, the mobile one is probably the fastest due to how it isn’t entirely based on a foundation.

Mobile homes are more basic in their structure, making them easier to build and demolish.

However, this doesn’t mean proper considerations and safety measures shouldn’t be in place or brought to the whole planning process.

You can demolish a mobile home in about two weeks or a month. What will take the most during the process isn’t usually the demolition itself but having to plan it.

We mentioned in the beginning how you need to take design and planning seriously. Moreover, you cannot start any demolition unless you have a good plan in place around permits, safety, and how you will use the space or land later on.

Our team will do its best to reduce the timeline and work around a specific comfort and speed level. However, keep in mind that it all depends on public departments, your mortgage, and the entire picture of the demolition process.

We encourage you to start as soon as you realize demolition is needed. When doing so, consider all the options you have available for the project as well:

  • Partial demolition of some of the mobile home’s external, interior, or specific areas. This is not usually considered, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible.
  • Total demolition is preferred considering how mobile homes are built and work around new structures or when you are aiming for other constructions and structures.

Once you have it clear, we can start working on estimates so that you can get going with the mortgage or financing. Meanwhile, we handle the permits.

How Much Does Mobile Home Demolition Cost?

Depending on the mobile home you need to demolish, costs can be a bit higher than expected. On average, people charge about $4 per square foot, but more variables influence the price:

  • The place it is located.
  • Your mobile home size.
  • What it has inside and whether storage or disposal will be needed for those items.
  • How accessible and easy it is to get to your property.
  • The amount of work involved.
  • Your budget and financing for the project.

Our team at Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors will do our best to keep it within budget and try to reduce costs. We want you to be able to finance it and avoid spending more money than is actually needed.

For it, we encourage you to schedule a free inspection and estimate with our team. Then allow us to support you and bring some recommendations for the process.

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