Above-ground pool removals, Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors

Best Above Ground Pool Removals in Palm Beach County

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Above-ground pool removals, Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors

Removing your above-ground pool won’t be easy. You need lots of tools, a lot of time, and proper planning if you don’t want things to go downhill quite easily. While this sounds like we are suggesting you go through the process on your own, it is the opposite: you should never face any type of demolition on your own, especially with massive or large-scale projects like a pool. At Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors, we can help you with your above-ground pool removals so that you can get the whole feature out of your sight.

Now, we don’t really care much about the reason behind the removal, but we usually ask due to some people wanting the land to be prepared for another construction or structure. For instance, you want to plan the demolition in a specific way in case you will use the foundation again or specific parts of the structure.

Some people want a full removal, but they will have to deal with the land’s condition as well. This is why we always tell everyone that above-ground pools come with some considerations. Not as many inground pools, but they still need proper planning.

We recommend going through a short questionary with our team so that we can understand the situation better. We will work on the comfort and what’s the best option for your above-ground pool removal. While on it, we will consider your expenses, the best demolition type, and much more.

What we want to make clear starting now is that this removal can be done as a total one or a partial removal. This will depend on your plans for the space and how you wish to approach the process. Maybe even save some money.

Why Total or Partial Above-Ground Pool Removals?

Total removals or demolitions are simply when you don’t want anything from the structure: foundation, fixtures, and just everything.

You will notice that the pool is an eyesore, doesn’t bring any functionality, or you want to free the space up.

It will be the basics around it: getting the space for a new project or simply working on a level of removal that benefits all your space.

Now, partial removal is what most people need to think about, and considerations come all the way when you are trying to decide.

First, not all spaces are eligible for it. You will realize that some structures are built unified. While above-ground pools are known for being easy and simpler to build compared to inground ones, they come with other disadvantages.

Second, you will need to think about whether the foundation and parts in your pool are reusable. Some people want to build a new property or even pool above the one that is being removed. This can work when your pool’s structure and all basics are in good condition, but your land and the specific construction all matter. Hence, it may be doable sometimes. Others… not so much.

Third, partial demolition or removal saves time and money. If you simply want to get rid of it and free up space, the partial one can be a good option since you can minimize everything used. You will have some parts left, but if you aren’t annoyed or worried about them while discussing the options and project, you will find it useful.

Finally, you should think about your mortgage or budget. As mentioned, partial removal is more affordable, but we highly recommend not basing your choice on this only.

How We Get Above-Ground Pool Removals Done

The process will usually be the same, and some variations will apply only when working on partial removals.

We need to perform inspections and work around proper design and prep work. Permits and legal documents must be handled as well. Once all this is done, we start draining the pool and tearing down the entire structure.

Our team process to haul away the entire feature, and we will make sure you get all elements properly removed. Keep in mind that hammers, manual work, and some machinery like excavators will be needed. We bring them in and make sure you get everything done.

Once we have completed the demolition, we repair the site, fill it or leave it based on your next project and wish. All debris will be removed and cleared by our team as well.

At Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors, we consider all steps and aspects of the process.

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