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Concrete demolition, Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors

Dealing with concrete demolition will require lots of tools and proper equipment unless you want to spend hours and days trying to break through some foundation or walls. Most people consider this a project that a jackhammer can do alone, but not all concrete can be removed without discrimination. Understanding the element at hand and how you must get rid of it will take time. Additionally, you cannot simply start hammering everything without knowing how much damage you are doing to yourself. At Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors, our team is available all year round to work with you on any type of demolition.

Now, before we are able to provide our services, an inspection or assessment of the situation and place is required. We need to know whether this demolition is needed or not. If so, how should we perform it in terms of removal? Does it need some machinery, or should we rely on the manual options?

We usually work with concrete that has deep cracks and cannot be repaired, or the removal would be easier in all aspects. You could have some concrete slabs that are damaged by fire or frost due to certain situations or some with a lot of spalling.

Concrete slabs that have sunk are also considered for removal and demolition. However, what we care about the most are specific structures. That being said, this need for demolition doesn’t have to be based on damage only.

You could want the demolition to design a new space, use the area better, and so on. It can all be about comfort and what you are doing for your property. Therefore, let us know your purpose for this concrete removal, and we can better plan the project around it.

What Is the Most Efficient Way for Concrete Demolition?

It will depend on the condition and how we can perform the whole process.

Most people prefer the pressure bursting option, which is usually dust-free and brings more options to control the demolition.

We use a splitting machine that works with hydraulic pressure using a motor, but in some cases, using specific chemicals for the bursting will be the best option. The idea is to split concrete and make it break apart so that we can remove all elements properly.

Now this isn’t always possible since there aren’t enough insertions or ways to handle the concrete when it is entire walls or areas. We need a specific option based on your concrete’s condition.

The traditional demolition with hydraulic breakers and pneumatic elements is the usual one you see to remove foundations and pavement. It is always sued to penetrate and break concrete into pieces and make sure everything is easily removed.

There is more control in terms of the machines that can be used and the hammer size depending on the concrete. We will need to adapt the machinery and tools to the situation, but it easily breaks every piece of concrete.

While it may be a bit dusty and bring the usual problems with concrete, it will be more efficient for large-scale projects requiring heavy work.

Manual removal or demolition is the last one, which is the hammering and basic tools to demolish the entire concrete yourself. This is mostly used in small sections such as countertops or small walls throughout properties.

This takes a lot of time, and all particles and dust will fly. However, it may be needed when machinery doesn’t reach and would be too expensive in comparison.

How Much Does Concrete Demolition Cost?

Since this is a task that takes several hours most of the time, people charge about $1.200 to remove your concrete. However, multiple factors affect the estimate:

  • The specific concrete and its size.
  • How difficult it is to remove.
  • The method used for it.
  • How long or how many hours it takes.
  • The project at hand for the entire demolition.

A wall won’t cost the same as an entire property or space made of concrete. Everything needs to be rated or estimated based on the situation and how it works. Let us know, and we can come to your property for a free inspection and estimate.

At Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors, we consider all projects individually and are always open to delivering estimates under tailored circumstances. Feel free to call or email us today for your concrete demolition.

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