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Land Grading, Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors

How would you know if your land requires some grading? This is the question that is implied in most homeowners and landowners who are trying to go for some landscaping and hardscaping designs. After all, when people start working on enhancing and beautifying their spaces, they don’t usually think about whether their land is ready for it or not. They think only about the specific design they want and start planning before a proper consideration: land grading is real, and your is most likely to need it.

At Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors, our team is always invested in how we can grade your area so that your designs and hard or landscaping work will be perfectly done without future issues due to the land’s condition.

To begin with, what is land grading? You may know it as land leveling as well since you only need to level the surface and get an even result in a specific part of your land. This is often needed when you are in some hilly areas or when your yard and space are noticeable in how it starts going higher or lower in some sections.

While not everyone wants to grade their land, it is required when you are trying to set out a foundation. For instance, you cannot have a new structure or property built unless you get it all graded and even. Otherwise, the property is bound to depreciate from there or be affected in its foundation.

The same happens when you have landscape and hardscape designs in place. The basics are: you don’t want your land to degrade and have issues with how things are inclined or moved in the location.

Now, this doesn’t mean all land grading is about flat options. Sloping the location is possible as well.

What Type of Land Grading Is Needed?

You need to define your project first.

Are you trying to build a new property or specific structure and require a flat surface? Then the regular leveling of the land is needed. You usually move more soil to the lower area and make sure they are even once compacted and completed.

On the other hand, you have the option of creating slopes, which may be needed for drainage systems or when you are trying to set channels for your space.

Some projects and constructions require some sloped areas depending on the engineer and architect’s design, but this will be variable, and our team as professionals will need to follow up and see how doable it is as well.

That being said, you have about 5 to 6 options when it comes to the type of land grading you can opt for:

  1. The drainage systems and solutions in which you want to fix some parts to improve drainage or make sure rainwater isn’t stagnated in your property.
  2. Usual constructions need flat surfaces, as mentioned before. We will handle them and make sure your surface is smoothed and all ready for the project.
  3. You can have our bobcat machinery in place to remove specific dirt and work around a new surface that will be even with the moved soil.
  4. Topsoil installation is usually done for the foundation and making sure green areas and plans for vegetation are all ready and prepared.
  5. You have the common excavation and how we remove debris, dirt, dust, trees, and more.

The sixth option is more a mix of everything or depending on the project at hand. You may need a custom solution or require working with multiple ways of land clearing.

Costs & Estimates: Land Clearing Prices

You can expect to spend about $700 to $2.000 when trying to grade your yard or patio for some landscaping or hardscaping projects. Small projects usually take little time and can be priced per square foot. However, some companies consider all the work that goes into preparing and grading the land.

Large-scale projects go way higher, being $6.000 as the usual starting point and going all the way up to $25.000+. This is why considering whether land clearing is needed or not or can be avoided is an option people want to think about.

Our Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors team always works hard to make sure your land clearing is planned and properly done. We can consider your expenses and work around whether you can skip it or not.

Feel free to schedule a free inspection and estimate with us so that you can get a good idea of the whole process.

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