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Fence Removals, Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors

Removing fences is not all that difficult, but it sure takes time. Depending on the fence, you may face more problems during the process in which proper planning would have been welcomed. While this seems like a simple task, and maybe you can take the time to go over the project yourself, don’t underestimate it, either. At Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors, we have had to come to homeowners’ rescue on many occasions as their fence removals go quite… wrong. They damage the land more than needed, hurt themselves, or don’t know how to deal with some damage and planks. There is a lot happening, so don’t feel bad for wanting professionals for it.

Fence removals are more than you think as well. Most people think about the whole process of pulling the planks and trying to clean the space. However, no one really thinks about the before and after the process.

First, you always need to get a permit for your removal. This will require going to the pertinent entities, such as the local building department and governmental departments, and dealing with some municipalities. In case you have a HOA or people in charge in the neighborhood, proper notification and, in some cases, permits from there are needed.

Second, you have to make sure you know your fence’s condition properly. It may look simple pulling things, hammering them, or simply destroying them. However, extra damage to your land and putting yourself in danger aren’t negotiable. You should always have them on top of your mind before the removal itself.

Finally, what happens with the waste and debris? Proper removal and disposal are needed. This, along with prep work with utilities, will be key parts of working on your project.

We would also add that your fence’s size matters and your next project after removal.

Fence Removals Done Step by Step

Keep in mind that our guide for removal is all about working with us.

Some professionals may follow the same process and steps, but we cannot have some DIY ideas or include all companies when this is more of a custom service. Therefore, changes can be included as well as multiple steps.

  1. We will take care of all inspections and assessments.

We must know your fence’s condition and situation. While questions such as why you are removing it or what you plan to do after will not influence much, they are crucial at a certain level. For instance, you may want to remove it because there is a fungus. Maybe you are dealing with a new fence, or some renovation and repairs are needed.

  1. Our team proceeds to plan the process.

We will get this information and start working on the best way to remove your fence. This includes outlining each step properly and including materials, equipment, and expenses.

  1. We get permits and authorizations handled.

All the permits and requirements from the local government and your neighbors will be handled by our team. we will get the permit request done and notify your neighborhood.

  1. Once all permits are done, along with your financing or mortgage, we start.

We get to place all safety precautions, work around elements, and make sure we are getting the removal done step by step. We need multiple tools that will be placed while doing prep work.

  1. Proceed with the fence.

Dismantle the gates, get rid of the panels, handle the fence posts, and all the elements. In case your fence has concrete or certain elements, we will bring the right equipment for their removal.

  1. Clean the site.

We will remove and dispose of all debris and waste.

Will You Spend a Fortune on Fence Removals?

Not at all. The good news about hiring demolition contractors is that fences are not really expensive. You can pay between $200 to $600, being $320-400 the average for most people. The difficulty and fence’s size are what matter the most, which is why you can even pay as little as $120 for some projects.

At Palm Beach County Demolition Contractors, we consider your needs and budget. We will work around your comfort and make sure you have all the fences removed in no time.

Your fences with concrete posts may take us a bit more time as well as resources, but this doesn’t make the project way more expensive. You can have about $30 to $40 added.

We will do our best to provide a free inspection and estimate in case you need it for consideration and all elements.

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There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.